Founded in 2016, and based in United States of America and Latvia, Exonicus develops virtual reality software and custom solutions for civilian and military emergency medical training. Exonicus has developed medical simulators that allow medical personnel to augment their trauma treatment capabilities. We provide solutions to United States and European Union based military, educational and civilian medical sectors.
We work across borders, nationalities, and continents. Our goal is to solve medical training problems. We believe that communication and teamwork provide the best solutions for healthcare education.

Our team has experience working with several medical institutions research partners include organizations like the US Army Madigan Medical Center. Other partners include ARA/BioGears, University of Washington CoMotion Labs, and Information Visualization and Innovative Research Inc. (IVIR Inc.), Latvian Mininstry of Defense, Riga Stradins University Medical Education and Technology Center and Massachusettes General Hospital.

The flagship product of Exonicus is Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM, developed in accordance to the leading trauma management courses and medical guidelines. Valuing teamwork and partnership, the goals of Exonicus are to advance the scaling of medical training, allowing for increased efficiency of learning by medics. We have created unique and innovative products and services that improve how emergency medicine is taught, learned, and practiced and how patient care is delivered and administered.

The research project was funded by the AMEDD Advanced Technology Initiative (AAMTI), through the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC).

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