Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM

Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM is computer generated interactive medical training software platform, capable of training military and civilian medical personnel in trauma management and decision training without a live instructor.

Our core product, the Exonicus Trauma Simulator™, created in collaboration with Madigan Army Medical Center, is a virtual reality training system providing a realistic training environment that improves medical and life saving decision-making in combat and emergency situations for military and civilian medical teams.  Our fully integrated physiology engine provides real-time patient vital sign responses with audio, visual, and physiology feedback based on actual trauma situational challenges and provides physiological responsive simulations and decision-training without an instructor.

Available in both desktop and virtual-reality versions, the Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM pushes traditional boundaries of medical education technology, accelerating how emergency medicine is taught, learned and practiced and how patient care is delivered and administered.

Our suite of products were created and developed around peer-reviewed simulations, requiring active decision-making to manage patients with life-threatening and critical traumas. The Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM and its modules are customizable, thereby ensuring a realistic and life-like medical and emergency scenarios for our military and civilian customers.

Evidence-based and peer-reviewed, the Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM has been tested by end-users and the efficacy of our product has been validated as a reliable supplement to traditional medical training problems. The efficacy and impact virtual simulations has been verified by a thorough research process with world-class research institutions.

The development of Exonicus Trauma SimulatorTM has been supported by the Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center (TATRC) at the U.S. Army Medical Research & Development Command.

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